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What is EPR
Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy approach that makes producers responsible for the entire lifecycle of the products they place on the market, including product design, importing, selling, take-back, recycling, and final disposal.
The aim is to incentivize producers to consider the environmental impacts of their products at every stage, including designing for better recyclability and reducing waste and resource consumption.
Who Must Comply
Under EPR regulations, the term 'producer' doesn’t always refer to the manufacturer. Typically, a producer is defined as the entity that first markets a product subject to EPR in a country. This can happen through either manufacturing and selling products within the country or by importing and selling finished products from another country.
You are considered a producer in a country if you:
  • manufacture a product in the country and sell it domestically
  • import a product into the country where you are established
  • sell a product in a country where you are not physically established
Available Countries & Categories
We are expanding our EPR services to new categories and countries to meet your evolving compliance needs.
  • Germany
  • France
    Printed Papers
    Sporting & Leisure Goods
    DIY & Gardening Articles
  • Sweden
    Chemical Tax
  • UK
    Plastic Packaging Tax
The Risk of Non-Compliance
Consequences for non-compliance with EPR vary by marketplaces and countries. Failing to comply with EPR regulations may result in:
  • Substantial fines for non-compliance
  • Relevant income may be confiscated
  • Products may be seized or even destroyed
  • OMP like Amazon will shut down your store
What We Offer
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    EPR Registration & Reporting Service
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    Cost-Effective Solutions for EPR Management
  • 03
    Personalized EPR Analysis & Legal Advice
  • 04
    Reliable & Flexible Authorized Representative
  • 05
    Dedicated & Responsive Customer Support
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