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About VAT Ai
VAT Ai was founded by a dynamic international team composed of tax professionals, IT experts, business developers, and customer advisors. Possessing a wealth of tax knowledge and experience across various industries, we are committed to delivering an efficient and user-friendly SaaS tax compliance solution tailored for e-commerce businesses. With a deep understanding of the European market and the capability to cater to diverse needs, we stand ready to deliver exceptional service to our clients.
Meet Our Team
At VAT Ai, our strength lies in our diverse and talented team. We are passionate professionals dedicated to delivering excellence to meet your compliance needs.
Compliance Team
Leigh Woolford
Dr. Sieli Andrea
Otakar Matejka
Young Ho
Allan M.S. Rogel
Andreas Blass
Account Manager
Merle Wittgrefe
Account Manager
R&D Team
VAT Ai is the subsidiary brand of EVATMASTER, a leading provider in the Chinese cross-border e-commerce VAT industry with the largest market share. Leveraging EVATMaster's extensive expertise and dominant industry position, VAT Ai has API integrations with tax authorities in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. As a one-stop SaaS tax compliance platform for cross-border e-commerce enterprises, our innovative model integrating “AI Big Data” and “SaaS Cloud Services,” enables us to efficiently and comprehensively address our clients’ tax compliance requirements.
Backed by a dedicated team of 150+ technical experts, we ensure smooth operations and deliver exceptional support to e-commerce sellers worldwide. Globally, we have established over 20 local teams, further consolidating our commitment to all-in-one solutions covering VAT/EPR/Product Compliance/Trademark services, making us your trusted partner for seamless cross-border compliance.
Built for Global E-Commerce Sellers
Built for E-Commerce Sellers in Mainland China
Our Culture
Upholding a commitment to expertise, precision, and industry knowledge, we strive to provide top-notch professional services, ensuring our clients receive the highest standards of excellence.
Innovation is at the core of our identity. We embrace creativity and forward-thinking to develop groundbreaking solutions, constantly pushing the boundaries to stay at the forefront of industry advancements.
Grounded in honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct, we prioritize building trust and maintaining open, principled relationships with our customers and partners.
Our philosophy centers on collaborative success and creating value through teamwork. We believe in cultivating relationships where all parties benefit, aiming for outcomes that are mutually advantageous.
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